JEFFERSON — Aaron Heine had to give credit where credit was due.

The junior forward had plenty of dangerous shots on goal Tuesday, but almost all of them were thwarted by Lodi goalie Carson Richter.

“I got to work a little harder to get the corners on the goalie, but he was fantastic,” Heine said. “He stopped almost everything. I tried to get the corners, but he was always there. Huge props to him.”

Richter couldn’t stop everything though, as Heine netted two goals in Jefferson’s 2-0 non-conference win over Lodi Tuesday night at Jefferson High School.

“First half we looked really good, we had 11 shots on goal, that goalie saved nine goals,” Jefferson head coach Sam El-Beri said. “He was a heck of a goalie. He kept them in the game.”

The Eagles struck quick into the game, finding early success against Richter and Blue Devil defense.

In the third minute, Heine found the back of the net for Jefferson with a goal from the left-side of the box.

“Originally I had in mind to just cross it in and pray someone gets it,” Heine said. “But I saw my little opening and took my shot and it went in.”

Several minutes after the early goal, it looked like Jefferson was about to double their lead.

Heine got past the Lodi defense on a breakaway and was able to get a clean shot on goal. The shot was blocked away by Richter, but Jefferson senior Reese Fetherston was able to rebound the block and get another shot on goal, which was smacked away.

Heine tried to head the ball into the net off the Fetherston miss, but once again, Richter stuffed the shot.

After Heine had shots on goal blocked in the 17th minute and 25th minute, he finally was able to break through the brick wall of Richter.

In the 28th minute, Heine rocketed a goal past Richter to put the Eagles up 2-0.

“I was just standing in the middle. I expected the defense in front of me to stop it, but they all missed it and I was there to stick it in,” Heine said.

Jefferson went into the break up 2-0.

The defenses settled in after halftime, with both team’s dangerous looks almost nonexistent in the second half.

“I’m a defensive coach, so my mindset is on defense. If you’re up one goal, you win the game. Up multiple goals, you should not lose the game,” El-Beri said regarding the team’s second-half mindset.

It looked like Heine would have a hat trick in the 85th minute after he connected on a powerful strike, but Richter hit it away.

“That was one of the most beautiful shots I have taken in my life,” Heine said. “That was a great save.”

Richter ended the game with 13 saves.

Jefferson goalie Hayden Radloff collected two saves in the Eagles’ clean sheet.

Jefferson will host Watertown Thursday at 6:45 p.m.

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