Dylon Lurvey

Palmyra-Eagle senior receiver Dylon Lurvey (17) makes a short catch over the middle during the first half of a 27-13 loss to Horicon/Hustisford on Friday in Palmyra.

PARDEEVILLE — Brandon Wilde connected with Dylon Lurvey and Christian Eddy for the Palmyra-Eagle Panthers in their 13-8 victory on the road against Pardeeville in a Trailways Large football game on Friday night.

Wilde completed 23 of his 37 passes for 230 yards.

“To succeed in this offense you need a smart quarterback that can read a defense and athletic receivers who can catch the ball. We feel we have both,” Palmyra-Eagle head coach Kevin Wilde said.

Danny Hammond caught six passes for 71 yards.

“Obviously when you have a receiver like Danny that has 17 catches and three touchdowns week one, he is going to draw double coverage every week,” Wilde said. “What amazes me is that Danny still has good production every week in spite of being double teamed.”

Lurvey had seven catches for 75 yards.

“Friday night Dylon was able to get separation and have a nice game,” Wilde added. “We run a complicated offense for high school football and at times we have misread coverages that have led to some interceptions, but the success we have had out weighs the few turnovers we commit.”

Lurvey also had an interception to go with a pair of Palmyra-Eagle fumble recoveries as the Panthers won the turnover battle.

Palmyra-Eagle (4-1, 2-1) will travel to Waterloo on Friday for a 7 p.m. non-conference game.“I know one thing, that any kid we put on the field is going to play as hard as they can until they have nothing left,” Wilde said. “I have been coaching various sports at various levels for 33 years and I have never seen a group of kids handle so much adversity and continue to show up to put to the work in every day.”

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