The Stone School 4-H Club in Whitewater kicked off National 4-H Week on Oct. 6 with its annual awards banquet.

Members recognized include:

2018-19 Officers

President: Jonathan Hooper

Vice President: Elizabeth Katzman

Secretary: Hannah Lemke

Treasurer: Josiah Hooper

Reporter: Michaela Jones

Sunshine: Hank Goessling

Photographer: Nina Barnes

1st Year Members: Emma Maas, Maggie Maas, Adalyn Grunwaldt, Adler Grunwaldt, Ethan Hookstead

Five-Year Members: Keegan Kehoe, Carlie Rusch, Quinn McCarthy

10-Year Members: Jonathan Hooper, Sammy Streich.

Graduating Seniors: Hannah Lemke, Kirstin Novak, Taylor Wolfram.

Top Fundraisers: Kolton Reu, Hannah Hoffmann, Mattrisch Family.

Perfect Attendance: Hank Goessling, Hannah Hoffmann, Kya Kelleher, Natalie Kelleher, Grace Lemke, Evan Mattrisch, Seth Mattrisch, Stella Schmocker, Tessa Schmocker.

Leaders: Kari Barnes, Bridgett Hoffmann, Crystal Hoffmann, Steve Hoffmann, Alyssa Jaquith, Cindy Jaquith, James Jaquith, Nichole Jaquith, Katy Katzman, Laura Monson, Jodi Wolfram.

2019-20 Officers

President: Elizabeth Katzman

Vice President: Evan Mattrisch

Secretary: Hannah Hoffmann

Treasurer: Josiah Hooper

Reporter: Trenten Zahn

Sunshine: Kya Kelleher

Photographer: Vivian Stahl

2018-19 Club Members: Nina Barnes, Landon Fischer, Hank Goessling, Rudy Goessling, Adalyn Gruwaldt, Adler Grunwaldt, Hannah Hoffmann, Ethan Hookstead, Jonathan Hooper, Josiah Hooper, Samuel Hooper, Michaela Jones, Otto Jones, Willson Jones, Aaron Katzman, Elizabeth Katzman, Jake Katzman, Kayla Kehoe, Keegan Kehoe, Kya Kelleher, Natalie Kelleher, Callie Krause, Jadyn Krause, Amelia Lemke, Emma Lemke, Grace Lemke, Hannah Lemke, Lauren Lemke, Emma Maas, Maggie Maas, Aiden Mattrisch, Evan Mattrisch, Seth Mattrisch, Quinn McCarthy, Katherine Novak, Kirstin Novak, Alex Partoll, Kolton Reu, Carlie Rusch, Stella Schmocker, Tessa Schmocker, Solomon Schnuelle, Samantha Semrau, Summer Semrau, Catherine Skindingsrude, Vivian Stahl, Sammy Streich, Sophia Wagner, Taylor Wolfram, Trenten Zahn.

The Stone School 4-H Club generally meets at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month at the Cold Spring Town Hall. For more information, contact Crystal Hoffmann at

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