Voting in 13th District

Now we finally have Rep Mark Born revealing his moderate credentials by endorsing fellow moderate John Jagler for the 13th state Senate seat. To call Jagler a conservative is laughable when one considers the $8 billion increase in the state budget. Even talk radio has labeled Jagler a moderate.

Based on how the last budget was “balanced” it will take another national stimulus package to do it again. What about actually cutting spending in areas that do not deserve increases which bury our children in debt. Don Pridemore has always supported law-and-order. His office in Watertown has handed out hundreds of “Back the Badge” and “Support Law Enforcement” signs over the last election cycle. Pridemore is the only veteran in the race and understands what it is to put yourself on the line for love of country.

What support did Jagler give to President Trump? Did he author any bills that would have prevented all abortions? (NO). Did he at least sign on to the “Parenthood Bill”? (NO). Has Jagler, who claims to be against abortions, have the exclusive endorsement of Pro-Life Wisconsin like Don Pridemore has? (No). Has he been a leader fighting our governor and his tyrannical executive orders? (NO)

There is only one True Conservative in the 13th Senate District race – Don Pridemore. The establishment wants a go-along-to-get-along rubber stamp, proven by Mark Born’s endorsement. We have the opportunity to make a difference by voting for Don Pridemore on Feb.16.

Vickie Gertz


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